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In 2007 Richard and Angela Bebbington cycled from Lands End to John O Groates. Whilst doing this they wanted to raise funds for a charity. Not knowing which charity to support, they searched for a local small charity, preferably a childrens charity. This is when they met Russell at Wishes 4 Kids. This was their chosen charity and they've supported them ever since.


From childhood it was Richard's ambition to run a marathon, however he never thought he would realise his dream. Many years after leaving school Richard put in the training required to run a marathon, running his first marathon at London in 2008. His wife Angela was so inspired with the whole event went on to complete her first marathon in 2010. This was a huge achievement considering Angela wasn't a runner prior to training for the event. Richard continues to run marathons, and has since completed 12 marathons in 12 months.

Richard and Angela had totally seperate nominations to carry the Olympic Torch. To their surprise and delight they were both chosen to carry the torch in their home city, Leicester. Both were selected for their efforts in raising funds and awareness for Wishes 4 Kids. Since cycling from Lands End to John o Groates they have participated and organised a number of events, including the very successful Ivanhoe Way Challenge, an annual 37 mile challenge walk.


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Oct.23, 2011

BBC East Midlands Local news.

A Leicestershire mayor is attempting to run 12 marathons in 12 months in the hope of raise thousands of pounds for charity.

Jul.03, 2012

Olympic Torch Bearers

Richard and Angela were chosen to run with the Olympic Torch. This was shown on local TV and reported around the country.

Jul.03, 2012

Jane inspires couple's cycle challenge

Husband and wife team Richard and Angela Bebbington are to cycle to Rome to raise money for a children's charity.