Our Challenge

The ‘Home 2 Rome’ challenge, starting in August 2013, will take 3 weeks to complete. With plans all sorted we now ready to take on this challenge through the UK, France and Italy. The route will initialy head to Portsmouth where we will get the overnight ferry to Caen.

From Caen we will have over 150 miles to complete in two days, taking us to Pithiviers. Once there we will enjoy a well-earned rest, taking in the sights and hospitality of Pithiviers, a French town twinned with our home town of Ashby. Following a route to Annecy, we will start to prepare for the challenging ride across the Alps. We will be taking the Beaufort route and Petit St Bernards Pass which rises to 2188m and crosses into Italy, arriving in Aosta. Once in Italy we will travel to Pisa where we will be able to admire tourist attractions such as the leaning Tower of Pisa. Once we leave Pisa we will be on the home stretch heading down towards the city of Rome, completing around 1,400 miles in total.

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The Route